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The digestion process begins in the oral cavity after previously selected flavor. Here food is processed in two ways:
- Chemically - the food is soaked with salvia secreted from the salivary glands: parotid – thin, watery secretion; submandibular – thick, mucose secretion rich with mucin (glycoprotein which helps soften the food into a bolus) and sublingual – mixed salvia
- Mechanically – the food is grind with chewing, process that lasts 10-20 seconds.

The next phase is swallowing – complex physiological action, where the  food or bolus goes in the stomach helped by gravitation and peristaltic force. The stomach is food storage placed between the esophagus and the small intestine.

Here the food is mixed with gastric acid, colorless and transparent fluency with ph  = 1-1,  5. It is compound mainly from aqua, minerals, ferments, mucin and hydrochloric acid (HCl) which determents the environment’s acidity and is necessary for ferment activity: pepsin – starts protein decomposition, chymozin –  prolongs  pepsin activity by curdling (milk products) and lipase – participates in digestion of emulgated fats.

There are two types of movement in stomach: tonic and peristaltic.

Nutrition matters or partially digested mass (chyme) are undergoing to further digestion passing into the duodenum where bile, stomach acid and intestinal juice process proteins, fats and carbohydrates and transform them in a form suitable for absorption by blood and lymph. Most of the chyme is transform in matters that can be absorbed by the small intestine. The food that isn’t part of the chyme is being digested along the small intestine with help of enzymes who are part of the intestinal juice, so it decomposes fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

Significant role in the digestion process has the motion of small intestine and there are two types of movements:

- Pendular – movements that mix and dissolve the food and with contractive movement are grinding the chyme and transport it towards the terminal parts of the tract – large intestine.

- Peristaltic – wavy movements with speed 0, 5 – 5 cm/s. Their speed allows the chyme to retain 3 – 10 hours in the small intestine.

From here the process continues in the large intestine and at the same time the process of absorption of small amounts of glucose, amino acids and glycerol. Along the large intestine movements can be pendular and peristaltic who are slow and relatively inhibited. With water absorption, the rest of the bolus and other disintegrated products – fats, inorganic matter and dead bacteria from the undigested food matters are mixing and concentrating and with help of mucin they transform in feces.

The elimination of feces or process of defecation must be performed on daily bases (for the majority it depends of our habits) and if it’s irregularly done it will have negative effect on individual health.

How does obesity occur

During decomposition of nutrition matters, energy is being released in the organism, which is used for accomplishing all of its functions. The energetic and metabolism of the fats are undivided process. The energy is not found or lost it just converts from one to another form. The only form of energy that can be used in our organism is chemical energy that later converts in other forms like – mechanic, thermal and electrical.

The nutrition elements (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) represent an energy source for human. The nutrition matters should satisfy the quantitative and qualitative body requirements in the daily meal. The basic role of food is to fulfill the needs of the basal metabolism, the energy needs for physical work and to provide energy in developing organisms for their growth and development.

When choosing dally nutrition products you should pay attention of their percentage dullness. The main energy sources are fats and carbohydrates and they must have constant ratio because they can replace each other.

Carbohydrates are most predominating in the daily nutrition because of their availability and their price. The daily consumption of carbohydrates is average 500gr for an individual weight 70kg, or 8589KJ. And the consumption of fats that fulfill energy needs is average 50-60gr that provides energy of 1947KJ.

Despite the fact that the proteins are isodynamic (source energy) they can’t be replaced in the nutrition by fats and carbohydrates. Daily amount of proteins consumed with food should be equal to the amount eliminated through urine, for balance.

When planning the daily meal you should care for the origin of fats and proteins. It’s necessary for fats and proteins from animal and vegetal origin to be presented in certain ratio. Also, pay attention when buying protein products to the amount of essential amino acids. The digestive apparatus doesn’t completely absorb the nutrition matters and from the total amount it absorbs about 90%. The nutrition matters from vegetal origin are about 80% absorbed and the absorption of mineral matters is around 60 – 80%, that’s why the daily meal should include fruit, vegetable and natural juices as they provide the body with all vitamins.

However I will elaborate more about fat metabolism, as it is most responsible for occurrence of obesity. Fat matters or lipids (lipos – fat) are presented with great amount in the cells and tissues. Parts of the neutral fats are presented with great amount in the fat tissue; they are also visible and represent a big storage of energy. These lipid matters are contained in smaller amounts in the liver in which fats are being metabolized. Other fat matters are invisible and are present in form of complex with other matters and as such can be found in the mitochondria, cell membranes and other parts of the cell. The type and location of lipid matters in the important tissues and organs must not be interrupted as amount in the fat tissue because it leads to many disorders. Metabolism of fats can be interrupted inside or out of the fat tissue and in other cells and tissues in the body. Normally the fat tissue is placed under the skin mostly in the abdomen (mesentery) and in the long bones marrow. The amount of fat varies in the fat tissue and can increase or decrease. Loss of fats leads to emaciation or fading and in the same time the body weight is reduced, also all tissues and organs in the body are lessening, but mostly the fat tissue is reduced. Emaciation is a result of some chronic disease or other incapability for food consummation. Increased fat tissue can occur locally – in one place or one organ or it can occur in entire organism. Local enlargement of lipid matters and fat tissue usually occurs in places where the functional part of the organ is atrophied.

For example, thymus atrophies in puberty and the fat tissue is enlarging on its place.

The general increasing of fat matters and fat tissue is leading to overweightness or obesity. Obesity is state when organism have excessive amount of fat tissue. As a most common reason for this state is excessive food consumption where much more energy is released that the body can spend. Sometimes, obesity is a result of disease of the endocrine glands like reproductive glands, thymus and pituitary gland.

Obesity is condition in which stored fatty tissue (under skin etc) is exceeding healthy limits and also fat tissue occurs in places which normally have little or not at all, like heart muscle, pancreas and many other organs.

Because of this fact, people who suffer from obesity are also more likely to suffer from heart and blood vessels diseases.

Overweight people are also more likely to have diabetes and diseases of the gallbladder and bile ducts.

Fat metabolism disorder that occurs out of the fat tissue can be divided in two parts: fat infiltration (infiltration adipose) and fat degeneration (degeneration adipose).

Fat infiltration is a process in which fat matters are accumulating in tissues with mild or no primary damage. It occurs in the liver (steatosis hepatis or "fatty liver", often effects alcoholics and people who have irregular nutrition).

Heart and pancreas – in these organs the bond cells from the stroma are turning into fat cells that continue to grow which leads to decreasing of the parenchyma layer and decreased function that is very significant for fat infiltration in the heart. Last organs are the blood vessels where the accumulation of fats leads to condition known as aterosclerosis which means that the inside of large and middle arteries cholesterol is present.

The second disorder or fat degeneration is a process different from the fat infiltration and occurs as a result of previously damaged cells. Damaged cell is not in condition to metabolite or use the fats, precisely the invisible fats that are part of the complex compound which become visible after damaging. These types of degeneration are serious infections companied with high fever and presence of bacterial toxins in case of poisoning with arsenic, phosphorus, benzyl, bismuth, chloroform etc.

If this degeneration is not stopped and medically eliminated it can reduce or damage the organ function.

At the end I would like to give you friendliest advise to pay attention of your nutrition and quality of products and care about the amount of fruit and water in the daily nutrition and of course increase your physical activity.

As bed as it seems, the global statistics shows that people who suffer from obesity are more likely to suffer from other different diseases and loss of health equals shorter life.

Take care of your body because it serves you and only you through entire life. Your best friend who cares for your health is the brand MEDOBIL that comes directly from the nature.

Why Medobil Extra Slim?

Medobil Extra Slim is preparation mix of api (bee) and phyto (plant) elements. It’s important to emphasize its 100% natural composition, it doesn’t contain preservatives, artificial colors and additives or emulgators and as such it can’t harm the organism.

Medobil Extra Slim is concentrated, medium gelatinous product and it is compound of: honey (selected for dietetic), natural propolis, royal jelly, 13 types of plant extracts and 5 types of plants (leafs and stems).

From the phyto elements we will introduce the most important ones:

  • Frangula – effects the bile secretion and prevents constipation

  • Spinosa – wide known for its anti-inflammatory effect on the kidneys and removes water retention from the organism

  • Anasum – calms stomach contractions and improves digestion

  • Cammomila – removes fatigue, slackness and psychic tension

  • Labiatae – eliminates convulsions with nerve origin, effects against bitter mouth taste and like digestive sedative.

These are only part of the plant extracts and what is important and common for them is that they contain: tannin, rutin, sambunigrin, glycoside, resin, betaine, pectin, asparagine, phosphates, camphor, linamolm, pineol, almost all B vitamins and vitamin C. With this structure, the plant elements surely exterminate negative bacteria and microorganisms.

Api products or bee elements are represented with honey, which after several selection processes is balanced and suitable for use by diabetics, breastfeeding women and children. We are presenting you the chemical composition that we get after several laboratories processes and 1277KJ contains: fructose, glucose, polysaccharides and disaccharides, over 50 types of enzymes that influence exchange of substances in organism, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, Ê, Å, H, P, rutin), provitamin A (20 times more than in carrot), minerals: Fl, K, Mg, Ca, P, Cu, Zn, Ag, Al, Ni, Co, Au, Ti and more microelements in traces, as well as ribonucleic and deoxyribonucleic acid.

The propolis as irreplaceable natural antibiotic – resin, is collected from over 300 types of floral stems. We should mention that it had mummifying purpose, his name origins from the words PRO – before and OLIS – city and the worker bees used it for embalmment of the major pests who attack the bee company. Since they can’t throw the pest out, they murder it with their lethal stab poison and cover it with propolis so it won’t rot, because not single bacteria can survive in the propolis. In short terms, it is wide known antibacterial resin that has most successful effect on numerous gram positive and gram negative bacteria.

The falvonoids composition, as well as benzoic, freulic and caffeine acid place him in antibiotic group of preparations. Beside the numerous potencies, we would emphasize its antiflogistic effect on the mucose membrane of the stomach and entrails apparatus, which means that it cures mucose membrane sores (gastritis).

Royal jelly – we believe that with only one example we can explain its significance. It represents food for the queen bee, for comparison the worker bee lives at most 36 days and the queen bee from 7 to 9 years.

Dear all, with this structure Medobil Extra Slim catalyzes the digestion and the trade of inorganic maters, so it can completely substitute one meal.

One jar of Medobil Extra Slim has net weight 500gr and it’s sufficient for 45 days use. It is consumed every day by preparing a potion of 1 table spoon in 150ml warm water which replaces one meal and the other meals are normal (meal that should be replaced is given in the table on the box). A user manual comes with the preparation along with expert advices. As a potion it should be consumed sip by sip, in intervals of 1 min or total duration of 15 min. This kind of consummation purifies the entrails apparatus, increases peristaltic and vibration power of small intestine and resorption rate, which provides safe and gradual burn of LIPOCITE reserves (fats) from the hypodermal layer and eliminates them thru the metabolism.

The experience so far showed that individuals with hormonal disorder, genetic overweight occurrence and menopause, loose 9kg for 45 days, and younger individuals or breastfeeding women loose 13kg for 45 days. Still, I must mention that the success of this preparation depends of you, your principles and your character. Dear all, Medobil Extra Slim is product which composition (that was already explained) can completely complement the essential elements, something that not even plentiful or rich meal can’t provide.

Sometimes skepticism occurs, like how can one drink protect me, but as an example we will mention the infusion, a colorless solution that sometimes obtains life even for years.

With Medobil Extra Slim you will lose weight and your energetic, thoughtful and concentration power will significantly increase and your immune system will be reactivated.

The preparation comes in glass certified package with appropriate design and user manual, placed in designed paper box with bar cod. The jar is hermetically closed with extra safety label that proves that the jar was not previously open.

Analyses are conducted on regular bases in P.H.I - Public Health Institution, Skopje and it is approved for consummation with approbation No: 07-140/1 laboratory exam with A-test No: 4326. According to tested parameters, the sample is corresponding with food safety regulations. It is 100% Macedonian product from the safest ecological regions.

For its production are used three types of industrial appliances in chain form. The product price is 1800 MKD (~30 EUR). It has the highest inox quality with appropriate certificate for guaranteed safety.

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