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The production of the preparations we present you takes place in the La Danza factory located in the Karpos industrial zone in Kumanovo, where a team of professionals—expert pharmacists, biologists and laboratory technicians works enthusiastically on discovering the perfect natural formulae, mixing elements of the API (bee products) and PHYTO (herbal) groups.

In recent years, eight products have been promoted on the market, each with its own specific purpose. Within a short time we have established and proved ourselves as the most competitive brand, maintaining the primary name brand Medobil while only adding explanatory names to products to clarify the products’ usage and to help distinguish them from other products in our line. But what is most important for our products is that they all have their own serial, microbiological  and laboratory numbers, their own bar codes and patented names and  patented technology. Every product is specially tested, certified and A-tested, and all tests and analyses are regularly conducted by the Institute for Health Protection in Skopje.

The production plant is equipped with modern industrial machines imported from Italy, all of which have their own certificates for processing, manufacturing and packaging. Standards and working conditions are in compliance with European standards and conditions. (This is confirmed by the implementation of the NASSAR standard.)

For more information about each product, please click on the product which you would like to learn more about

Natural product for weight reduction
Diet product for cellulite reduction
Natural alkotinture for external use in rheumatic pains
Natural product for growth hair and hair regeneration
Tea for pain reduction during period
Herbal mix for hemorrhoids
Natural detoxification tonic
Natural product for haemorrhoids
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